Toranjestan is an educational telegram robots which give you updated information in various categories such as lifestyle, cooking, health, medical and etc. This bot also provides you with weather forcasting and exchange rate


Wecook, The yummy taste of Cooking
More than hundreds recipe are in your hands with this application, just enjoy your colorful tables By benefiting from the supervision of experts in food industries, Wecook trys to teach the fundamentals of cooking with its vast recipes.


Mashyaneh offers various educational videos based on its professional experts in different areas such as health, life style, arts, cultural, social and indivisual needs By using professional experts, mashyaneh trys to help the users to make the best of their life.


Entertainment and joy with hundreds of thousands unique videos in Cheshmak.Enjoy watching a fun and new archive of cartoons and animations by downloadign Cheshmak on your device and also be the first one to watch exclusive contents from Khaleh Shadouneh.Additionally, Cheshmak trys to have an educational affect on children by supervision of experts.


A friendly talk with family psychologists
By using professional experts, Khosh O Besh trys to help the users to make the best of their life. Also, this application is a bridge between Khosh O Besh TV show and its audiences.


Pichak application is the bridge between audiences and the Behtarin Sho TV show. It is a subject oriented service in the filed of video sharing for kids and teenagers which is designed based on the opinion of various experts in content generation fields.
In addition, Pichak offers an educational item beside all the fun it has.


Lovable riddles
By Gamoji you spends hours trying to solve all sorts of riddles and challenge your creativity and information.
In this game, watch closely and pay attention to every details so you can overtake your friends.

master of mind

Master of Minds is an exciting game based on conjecture and reasoning which will keep the player entertained.
This game is designed with a greate AI among the brain games. This game will raise the concentration of the players after playing it.

Tiny Games

Tiny games is a great collection of mini and entertaining games.
This game present simple games for everyone which they can score more by playing all of them and keep their scores in its ladderboard and share them with friends.


Welcome to Jadval, if you are interested to solve word puzzles anywhere.
Improve your memory by solving our word puzzles.
Don’t worry, we always will be producing new puzzle for you to solve and you never will ran out.

Mench Man

Mench Man is a nostalgic game which we all have experienced before and even now, we can enjoy playing it even though we are older.
This online game due to its fast speed and mesmorizing graphics, could satified most of the players needs. The game is designed in both online and offline multiplayer mode.


An online transportation system which the goods owners can use to deliver their products with the lowest price and highest security.

Arta Game Studio

Arta Game Studio is a new studio from Artatel, which has begun its mission of developing and publishing mobile games on Android and ios platforms in year 2017.So far the main focus of this young but experienced studio has been developing casual games for the general audience and with this aim it has so far managed to make a variety of games in this field.

96 Night Shop

First online nightshop in Iran
Considering the difficulties people face to meet their needs during night time, this online shop is started to give services from 9 Pm to 6 AM.


You can either use website or application and mark your location and set a time to receive our online services for your car.