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In the telecommunication, cultural and social context

Developing Mobile applications

Nowadays, the smart phones are a daily need in every indivisual life. So, the applications quickly found its way among the users.
We are here for you to bring your ideas into applications by using trending technologies and our expert staff.

Accelarating start up projects

Triggering a start up project on web or mobile platforms has a lot of requirements such as having an idea and securing an investment for hiring work force. Starting an online business in not an easy job and there are lots of obsticles and problems beside its charms. If you have an idea and a will to follow it, Andisheh Parseh Kish developers and designers expriences can help you all the way to reach your goal.

Digital marketing

Big ideas are not reachable through safe zone. To achieve greate successes you have to make greater risks.Our goal in young and hardworking atmosphere of PintoADS is to reduce your business risks by providing creative and scientific methodes in Digital marketing.

Developing and designing website

The websites are the window of your businesses in today’s IT world. Hence, these projects are very important to us. A well designed website makes a nice impression but we also know that a good design is not the only element for a successful website, so we garantee quality of website developement as well.

Developing and Designing mobile games

Arta game studio is Artatel’s new studio, which has started in 2017 with the goal of creating mobile games on Android and IOS devices.

The main purpose of this young yet exprienced studio is to build and develope casual games for the general audiences which it has achieved by producing various games in this area till now.

Developing online shops

The modern world and the efficiency of internet have thrived the online businesses. While, in the past few years, the online shops were the most trending websites among the people.
Our online shop offer is a complete set of features which will be presented to the business owners after a thorough investigation by Andisheh Parseh Kish experts in design and development.

Expert Man
All Project

Andisheh Parseh Kish holding

Andisheh Parseh Kish holding with the brand of Artatel is proud to always keep its growing trend after a decade of providing IT and electronic commerce services in cyberspace of Iran. Keeping the world standards along with the competition and expansion in these areas have only achieved by the grace of God and our knowledge and expriences.

Our principles...


Committed to quality

To employ trending knowledge and expert work force have always keeps us committed to quality.


Innovation and Vanguard

Tomorrow’s light is depended on our today’s Innovation.


Investing on motivated work force

We wlways proud to be depended on our motivated, creative and inventive employees


Customer Orientation

The customers in our motto are not a passing goal, instead the customer is the only aim of our actions

Andishe Parse Kish Holding (Artatel)

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