This is a Telegram bot service, which is well-known in producing content in various topics, including lifestyle, cooking, religious topics, health and medical and has made an incredible interaction with its own audience.


Wecook is suitable for food and cooking lovers. All cooking videos are translated by expert Artatel team members and are provided with Persian subtitle. Food recipes are explained step by step in a simple way. Wecook aims to introduce nutrition science and international


This is an application produced in an exclusive context by using VOD videos. Mashyaneh tries to meet users’ social and personal requirements in different educational themes of health, lifestyle, social, cultural and art topics.


Cheshmak has been created in Artatel Studio by using VOD videos, with an inclusive and educational theme and attracts users with the presence of celebrities like “Khaleh Shadooneh” and “Amoo-haye Fitileh”. Cheshmak is a set of exclusive applications suitable for children


An application with fabulous content about lifestyle, health, family, and psychology. This product is chosen as the connection to “Khosh O Besh”, the TV program of channel 2, IRIB.


Pichak is a collection of the best new and nostalgic animations and users can choose their favorite one according to their taste. Actually, this product is chosen as the connection to “Behtarin Show” TV program of channel 2, IRIB.


Puzzle application aims to raise users’ general information level and give them a fun time by its various questions, designed by creative Artatel team members.

master of mind

This application improves the mental power of reasoning and concentration which lead to a reasonable conclusion. Move the colorful beads, guess the hidden codes and uncover the treasure box!

Tiny Games

A thrilling collection of various and simple games, which both lets users score points and provide them with an exciting competitive environment.


This is an application which lets you spend your spare time on education! All crosswords are designed by specialists in 3 levels: easy, medium, hard. The eye-catching graphic of this application has made learning even more enjoyable.

Mench e Man

Mench e Man with its old style environment lets users remember their childhood memories through this application. The eye-catching graphic of Mench e Man has been successful in making a change in the world of Mensh board game!


E Bar is a modern transportation system, which is available 24 hours a day all over the country, with which users can trust a safe intermediary, register and chase their request, while they can make sure their goods and items are delivered to the destination safe and sound, with ease of

Arta Game Studio

Artatel Company started Arta Game Studio for general people and started to produce, develop and publish mobile games since 2017. Mench e Man, master of Mind and Moogy Puzzle are among the high-quality games of this studio. Today, this company is publishing these

96 Night Shop

This online shop has been started to render services to Iranian people and is trying to meet their needs knowing how hard it is to access the necessary goods from 9 pm to 6 am. Some services and products available at 96 overnight shops include electronic devices, cosmetic and


This application which is used for requesting online carwash services wherever you are led to time management, water conservation, fuel conservation and omission of tipping and more importantly a cleaner car!